What we Do

aerial photo of shoreline and deer lagoon wetlands

Critical Areas Mapping & Analysis

From wetland and stream delineations to FEMA Floodplain Habitat Assessments to shoreline buffer mitigation and enhancement plans. Experience and technical expertise combined with well established relationships with regulatory staff and other experts in the field help us get your project through the complications of regulatory compliance while  ensuring environmental stewardship.

drone photography of whidbey island wetland and shoreline development canal, docks, piers, pilings

Shoreline Permitting

Expertise in both the regulatory and natural environments of Island County Shorelines.  From permitting to preparation of  environmental reports required to develop within the most sensitive and highly regulated environments.

3D model mapped with drone of bluff property on whidbey island

Aerial Imagery & Modeling

As an FAA certified and commercially insured drone pilot, we use a fleet of modern high tech Unmanned Aerial Systems or drones to capture high resolution aerial photos to serve a variety of purposes.  Imagery for real estate marketing, highly accurate site mapping, terrain modeling and more. 

forage fish surf smelt egg survey

Forage Fish Spawn Surveys

As often required by regulatory agencies for shoreline projects involving work with heavy equipment on the beach, forage fish spawn surveys involve lab analysis of winnowed samples of beach sediment.  We prepare and submit the required reports to applicable regulatory agencies and provide you with imagery from the laboratory analysis.

matt kukuk wetland consultant shoreline consultant


A Pacific Northwest native, Matt Kukuk (Kukuk is pronounced like cue-cuck) has spent his entire life exploring the forests, wetlands and shorelines of Whidbey and Camano Islands.

With degrees in physical geography and ecology from Central Washington University, Matt has spent nearly 20-years working in Island County.   10-years as a Planner for Island County and nearly 10-years as a private consultant serving the residents and businesses of Island County exclusively.